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At Sullivan Plumbing, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest technologies and materials in the plumbing, heating, and cooling fields. While most in our business are content to offer only the traditional systems for your home, we feel that it can only benefit our customers when we can offer solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology. Space-age materials and new methods give you greater opportunity to update and retrofit older homes, conserve energy, and save on utility costs. In addition, these modern systems last longer, operate more efficiently, are easier to maintain, run more quietly, and can greatly increase the value of your real property.

Radiant heating, for example, is a 2,000-year-old system that has finally come of age in the 21st century! Most people have heard of radiant heating, but they tend to think of it in terms of where the technology was 40 to 50 years ago. We've come a long way since then, and Sullivan Plumbing would like to show you the possibilities. For example, the photos above (click to enlarge) illustrate just one of the beautiful radiant heating products available today...it's not your grandfather's radiator, for sure! Please read about radiant heating on our site, and let us know if we can help you incorporate this system into your home.

Cooling systems for residences have changed quite a bit, too. One of the newer systems is called high-velocity air conditioning, or Hi-V AC. Using small tubing instead of the traditional metal ductwork, older homes can be retrofitted without the mess and disruption of more conventional methods. Hi-V systems cool faster and with greater efficiency, so it is definitely worth looking into. Talk to the professionals at Sullivan Plumbing about this latest technology in air conditioning.

Another topic that gets a lot of discussion these days is the concept of zoning in a home. It involves setting up a system of strategically placed thermostats in a home's different areas to allow for each area's independent temperature control. Zoning eliminates the unnecessary heating and cooling of areas that need it less frequently than other areas, resulting in energy savings, greater comfort, and the reduction of utility bills.

Sullivan Plumbing can also help you prepare for unexpected situations. More and more families are discovering the benefits of owning generators—especially in this part of the country where we are susceptible to frequent power outages. A generator would kick in to keep your sump pump operating, to keep your air conditioning or heating running, and to prevent food spoilage in refrigerators and freezers that stop working.

And, of course, Sullivan Plumbing continues to offer the finest plumbing products and services in the area—fixtures that blend seamlessly into any décor, any color scheme, and for any function.

For more information on any of these services or any product you've seen here, call Sullivan Plumbing at (217) 355-3789, or contact us using our simple contact form.

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