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About Sullivan Plumbing Co.

How we started: After graduating from the University of Illinois, third generation plumber Kenwood Sullivan pursued an opportunity to install fifty solar collector systems to produce hot water in residential homes. Inspired by the energy saving potential of these systems, and the satisfaction of a mechanical system well installed, he opened the Sullivan Plumbing Company in 1982 in Champaign, Illinois.

Today: Sullivan Plumbing Company continues to seek the best possible solutions and products to improve the comfort and efficiency of our customers' living and working environments. Customer needs and comfort levels vary, so we listen and "do the math" to help us find what will work best for you.

Community Service:

City of Champaign Code Review Committee, continual service since 1992
City of Champaign Code Enforcement Board of Appeals, continual service since 1992
Participant in Habitat for Humanity projects

Professional Associations:

Central Illinois Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors
East Central Illinois Plumbing Inspectors Association
Radiant Panel Association

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